Fishing with our lures

The beauty of the sliding lure is that the action of the current or water movement alone will produce enough subtle action to catch fish.

This is the easiest way to get into lure fishing with instant results and it brings the fun back into fishing. A sliding lure is simply dropped to the bottom and retrieved super slowly up and down off the seafloor. The really important part is fish the lure SLOW and it will usually work well.

This is a lure that can sometimes out fish you with the rod simply left in the holder.

The key to fishing these jigs is to not strike when a fish bites.  The tiny hooks will hook themselves so just start playing the fish with a light drag.


Better versions of the lure such as our Rattlaz and the same extent our Squidbura they will have a sliding head that runs up the main line and slides down to a wafting rubber skirt hiding tiny assist hooks.

The advantage of a sliding head is that once a fish grabs the lure, it has no leverage to shake the tiny hooks free as the weight simply slides up the line instead of swinging about.

Another nice snapper on a Rainbow Rattlaz

Sliding lures work all year round, snapper, kingfish, john dory and just about every other predatory fish love them.  They are very good options in winter when fish are moving slower and want a nice easy target, or anywhere near workups or actively feeding fish such as springtime.

Colours are often a factor, every lure in our range has been varsity tested and all catch great fish. If it didn’t perform it’s not here for sale. Everyone has their own favorites, orange, lumo, yellow, pink and red being great performers. 

Remember, the key to using all of these lures is to be in a drifting boat and cover the ground, you can motor back and repeat the drift if you find you move off the fish. 

A good sea anchor will be required if you are to fishing in any sort of wind and I strongly recommend getting a good set of pliers to remove the hooks. 

You don’t need the specialty rod and reel set ups, you can use our lures on just about any soft bait rod & reel combo. Spinning or overhead it doesn’t matter although you do get a better feel of been taken on the drop with an overhead set up.