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🎣 Master the Art of Lure Selection with BC Fishing NZ

Embarking on a fishing adventure is not just about the right location; it’s about choosing the perfect lure for the day’s challenge. While every lure has its shining moment, decoding the optimal one isn’t always a straightforward task.

Our guiding principle? Start with the magic number: 2g per meter, then fine-tune for the current and drift speed. But here’s where the real finesse comes in – diversity is your ally. Ensure your tackle box is a palette of weights and colors, guaranteeing you’re armed for every fishing scenario.

Enter the scene-stealing duo – our Rattle Tails & Octo Wings replacement skirts.  These aren’t mere accessories; they’re the architects of possibility in your tackle box, enabling you to blend and match skirts for an array of lure combinations.

But wait, there’s more to the tale! The importance of having a mix of skirted and hard lures cannot be overstated. When exploring a new spot, drop one of each type to gauge the fish’s preference. What worked wonders at the last location may not be the flavor here, and it might change again at the next spot.

Ready to elevate your lure game? Contact us today! We’re your partners in ensuring your tackle box is a treasure trove of options for every angling scenario. Let’s make your fishing moments unforgettable! 

Sliding Style


60g, 80g, 100g, 120g & 150g


60g, 80g & 100g

Vertical Fall


Drop Shot

100g, 150g, 200g & 300g

Slow Pitch

Frenzy & Twitch

20g, 40g & 60g


20g, 40g, 60g & 80g

Assist Skirts

Rattle Tails 

Original Rattle Tail Skirts

Octo Wings

Soft Rubber Octopus Skirt

Fluffa Skirts

Greetings, friends! Do you find yourself yearning for a wider selection of fishing skirts? Look no further! We are pleased to present to you our latest and greatest addition to our collection: the Fluffa Skirts! These marvelous creations are sure to turn heads and draw in those elusive fish with their eye-catching design. Why settle for boring, ordinary skirts when you can outfit yourself with our premium Fluffa Skirts, complete with matching Rattlaz and Rattle Tails or Octo-Wings? And for those seeking to get even more creative with their setup, these skirts perfectly complement your favorite jig head and soft bait for optimal fluff power. Our sets come in five unique color combinations, all at a reasonable price of just $6 for a twin pack. Don’t let those sly fish outsmart you – grab yourself some Fluffa Skirts today and give yourself the edge you need to reel in your catch of a lifetime!

Rattlaz XL 200g Kabura

Hey, fish fanatics! Time to reel in those huge ‘uns with our latest Rattlaz lure! This 200g beauty is your new secret weapon to catch the biggest, baddest sea creatures out there. With a shapely long skirt and those beefy TL’N jig hooks, you’ll be the envy of your peers and the terror of those fishies just waiting to be caught. Available in not one, but three killer colors – Lumo Green, Pink Glow & UV Orange – and perfect for those deeper dives and fast-flowing tides. Get your hands on this bad boy and become the master angler you always knew you could be. Don’t be left floundering, click the link here to buy now!

Rattlaz XL 200g
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